Dear Customers,
Our restaurant handles sesame, nuts, wheat, eggs, soya, onions and peanuts. Even dishes on the menu that don’t contain certain ingredients may still have traces from the kitchen surface and equipment we use to prepare the food. As we always try and refresh our menu with specials please ask your waiter before ordering if you have any allergies. If you or one of your party is allergic to sesame due to the nature of the restaurant we recommend against dining here. Our kitchen environment is meaty and therefore all our food is considered meaty.
Best Regards,

Hummus Bar Group
The Hummus Bar was established in January 2016. Whilst meeting the local demands for a high-quality kosher product – the owners aspiration was that when you take a bite and close your eyes you could not be sure of where you are: Shoreditch, maybe Tel-Aviv or perhaps New-York. ​

We believe in a productive, fresh cuisine. That is, the food is prepared and served at the same place, there is no use of any powders, preservatives or frozen food. Behind every line on our menu there is a whole process of preparations, where the emphasis is on product freshness and flavour variability. At the Hummus Bar you should feel at home – indeed at times it feels slightly crowded, yet every customer knows he is welcomed and cared for. We work hard in the kitchen for that reason only and our staff is devoted for your overall experience and satisfaction. We highly recommend booking a table in advance, which you can do online!

Our Signature Dishes

Golders Green
Sunday - Thursday 12:00-22:00 (last order)

Sunday 12:30-21:30 (last order)
Monday - Thursday 12:00-21:30 (last order)
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